Mission Statement

About Warrior

Our mission is to supply high-quality rig equipment to our customers that is safe, reliable and efficient. Deliver the products on-time and support the products in the field through a combination of engineering and service excellence.

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Top Drives

The revolutionary Warrior design is a step-change in top drive technology, providing the end-user with features and benefits not available in existing top drives.

Make & Break Machines

Warrior Make & Break machines are compact and light and can be adapted to a large range of rig floor sizes and can be operated in fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes.

Traveling Blocks

Warrior manufactures a wide assortment of traveling blocks suitable for many rig applications. With sizes that range from 110-ton to 650-ton, We'll provide a reliable, compact, innovative traveling block to suit your needs.


Our catwalk has a variety of operating features and benefits that are designed to allow an efficient way of running tubulars, drill collars and casings up to the drill floor while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and safety.