Warrior Rig Technologies Limited | Calgary, AB, Canada

Turbo Tong TT88

Warrior's automated tong combines the spinner and rotary torque jaw into one that has the capability of continuously rotating tubulars for spinning and make-up or break out of threaded connections. The Model TT88 can handle drill pipe, drill collars and casing and can get within 8 inches of the drill floor for making up bits. The TT88 is compact and can be adapted to a large range of rig floor sizes. It can be operated in fully-automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes.


Patents Pending

The TT88 Turbo Tong is currently undergoing prototype testing.

TT88 Brochure


Operator's Console

The operator's console can be remote, local (on tong) or dual (optional).


Tongavator Positioning System

The Warrior TT88 comes complete with the Tongavator positioning system. The Tongavator is an innovative system that requires a minimal footprint on the floor when parked and has excellent range to well center or the mousehole. Alternative positioning systems can be customized to suit specific rig requirements.

Tongavator Drawing

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