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Hydraulic Drawworks

drawworksThe Warrior HD Series Drawworks is a 2-speed hydraulic-drive single-drum drawworks. Current models range from 18,000 to 35,000-lbs of single-line pull. The Drawworks drives up and down and normal braking is provided dynamically through the hydraulic system.  Braking energy is absorbed by the drive system. A fail-safe, spring-applied, hydraulic-released brake is included for parking and emergency stopping.

Hydraulic Drawworks Brochure


 AC Drawworks

AC DrawworksWarrior's single speed AC Drawworks is equipped with one or two AC motors which provide significantly more performance in a tighter footprint with less weight than a conventional Drawworks. The gear driven Drawworks is available in 1000 to 2500-hp ranges with regenerative braking power from the AC Motor(s).

 AC Drawworks Brochure





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