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250E Electric / 250H Hydraulic Top Drive


The revolutionary Warrior design is a step-change in top drive technology, providing the end-user with features and benefits not available in existing top drives.

250E Electric

electric topdrive

250H Hydraulic

hydraulic topdrive

Patents Pending

This innovative Warrior top drive maximizes uptime by significantly improving reliability, redundancy and serviceability. Numerous design advancements improve operational safety and efficiency:

 Balanced Top Drive

  • Center of gravity aligned with pipe axis

High Performance

  • Up to 35,000 ft-lbs continuous torque rating

Redundant Power Delivery

  • Four independent power pathways from the power source to the top drive quill
  • No single-point sources of failure from power source to drill pipe

Revolutionary Power Transmission

  • No gearcase
  • No power transmission lubrication


  • Most major modules are interchangeable without specialized technicians
  • Comprehensive advanced diagnostics

Safety & Efficiency

  • Comprehensive feedback of pipe handler functions
  • Enhanced user interface and top drive control functions

Optional Top Drive Extend System

Optional Integrated Casing Drive

  • Casing running tool not required


Top Drive Specifications


250E Electric

250H Hydraulic

Hoisting Capacity, API 8C

Static (Elevator Load Path)

Static (Quill Load Path)


250 tons

250 tons

Breakout Torque

40,000 ft-lb

Continuous Torque Rating

Induction Motor

PM Motor

420 Bar Open Loop

350 Bar Closed Loop


27,000 ft-lb @ 100 rpm

35,000 ft-lb @ 100 rpm






31,000 ft-lb @ 100 rpm

24,000 ft-lb @ 100 rpm

Maximum Speed

210 RPM

200 RPM

Layout Drawing

500E/250E Top Drive Comparison


Top Drive Brochure

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